Keen on education, psychology and development, Clementine benefits from a global experience of teaching piano in different countries, contexts and structures and to all kind of age and levels. Adding to this a music education received in France and the UK, she could nurture her very own agile open minded teaching style that would adapt to any profile. She has trained students for ABRSM Grades and for French conservatoire curriculum from beginner level to pre-professional studies (diplomas).

While the French have strong academics, pay attention to details, structure and cherish the latin Solfege; the English like to keep a practical approach that allows more freedom in the curriculum, give space for improvisation, and may trust variety of potential, over acquired knowledge.

Social and from a multicultural upbringing, Clementine easily finds the keys to connect with children and teenagers of all ages. Her natural curiosity towards other fields and crafts, pleases many other adults too.  For several years, Clementine has been a visiting piano teacher a bank in the City of London once a week, to teach a bunch of accomplished adults amateur.

Furthermore, she believes a good teacher should also be an experienced performer, so aside of teaching, she likes to prepare for the next performance and maintain her piano practice as much as possible. She updates on music education by debating with colleagues and reading on the topic. She also regularly got to attend master classes held by inspiring piano professors from the top international performance scene. Clementine currently teaches piano at a Conservatoire in the Paris area.