Keen on education and teaching since a young age, Clementine benefits from a double music education and experience in France and the UK to nurture a unique agile-minded teaching style.

While the French might pay good attention to details, structure and cherish the Solfege theory; the English may like to keep a practical approach and more freedom in the curriculum.

Having grown up as the eldest of a step family, Clementine easily finds the keys to connect with children and teenagers of all ages. Her natural curiosity towards other fields and crafts, and her eclectic background please many adult students too.  For several years, Clementine has been visiting a bank in the City of London once every week, to teach a bunch of accomplished adults amateurs.


Furthermore, she regularly got to attend master classes held by inspiring piano professors from the top international scene.

Clementine currently teaches piano in a conservatoire in the Paris area.